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Ignore your vehicle and it will ignore you is sound...
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Date: 09/04/2012
Title: Ignore Your Car And It Will Ignore You
Ignore your vehicle and it will ignore you is sound auto care advice. If you don't take care of your car it will not keep you and your family safe. Pay attention to your car and take care of it with these easy car care tips.

(NC)—The family vehicle is the second largest investment most of us make in our lives and is used to transport our most precious cargo. Spring is winter tire changeover season, time to carefully select an all-season tires that provide excellent grip and handling in warm, wet and dry conditions.

In Quebec where winter tire legislation is in effect, March 15th is the date that winter tires can legally be removed. April 1st is the date insurance companies recommend for winter tire changeover.

Now is the time to get your vehicle ready for summer road trips. Goodyear Canada Inc. has a simple checklist of tips for motorists to keep their vehicles running safer, longer and in a position to maximize on-road performance:

*Change With The Seasons:

Winter tires are specifically designed to stay pliable and provide better traction in colder temperatures, but these compounds are susceptible to faster wear in warmer weather. Protect the investment you've made in winter tires by using them only in the winter.

*Check That Tread:

The economy has forced many to postpone regular automotive maintenance, but after enduring winter conditions and with unpredictable wet spring weather possibilities now is not the time to have low tread on your tires. The lower the tread depth, the less traction you will have on wet roads, and the greater the distance you will need to stop.

*Get Your Money's Worth:

A vehicle's safety and performance features represent a significant financial investment, including four wheel drive, traction control and sport suspension. But tires are the only thing translating those benefits to the road. Advances in tire technology have delivered a new generation of moderately priced tires that offer superior traction and handling. Take a look at the Eagle GT tires from Goodyear, for example. Design features include an aggressive dual zone asymmetric tread with an outboard High Performance Zone to aid grip and responsive handling. The All Season Zone on the inboard side for traction provides confident handling in challenging road or weather conditions.

* Watch For Inflation:

As temperatures change, so does tire pressure. Proper tire inflation is essential for increased automotive safety, optimum driving performance and significant cost savings, including better fuel mileage. Tires should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations printed on the vehicle door placard or in the glove box and should be checked monthly.
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