Auto-Body, Collision and Automotive Services

About Us

Located in Winter Park, FL, Collimotive (formerly known as Orlando American Collision and Automotive Services) is a family owned business that has been servicing the communities of Seminole and Orange counties since 1991. Founded by Orlando Torres, who discovered an ­­­­innate knack for cars at a very young age, learning as a child how to master his mechanical skills through the mentoring of family and friends who themselves were very proficient in auto mechanics. Orlando later pursued a formal education in auto mechanics and repair at a vocational high school and then went on to college to study business administration.

Since 1991, Collomotive has educated its customers on what to expect from the process of repairing a vehicle, providing them with a review of all the aspects of repair done at the completion of each service. We use the highest-quality parts available and perform all necessary inspections (diagnostics and quality control) to ensure the client gets the best possible repair.

Our mission is to always satisfy the Collomotive customer, deliver outstanding service, maintain reasonable pricing, and perform a clean and professional repair. These are the essential principles of Collomotive's day-to-day operations, and they are the cornerstones of the auto shop's outstanding reputation in the auto restoration industry.